Room to Breathe Research Pilot

Case Study



TheFulcrum.Agency is an Industry Partner on research project led by the University of Queensland and Monash University that will document the process behind Room-to-Breathe (RtB).

RtB presents an attempt by Northern Territory Government (NTG) to move towards a community-centred narrative around housing fit and suitability. The overarching goal of the research project is to identify and support more effective collaborations and context-specific design responses to the housing modifications delivered in remote NT communities under RtB.

Relationships and Engagement

The research pilot provides a vehicle for gathering incisive and anonymous information about the current design process from a range of perspectives, including community members, architects and government. The outcomes of this research will enable architects and the NTG to learn from prior experiences and work towards developing a continuing feedback loop that supports a ‘live’ model for best-practice design with First Nations Communities.

This research will use a qualitative engagement process to unite top-down, largely technocentric policymaking with bottom-up place-specific concerns. Prior to beginning on-ground research, a fieldwork guide was prepared to outline the process for both Community Housing Officers and community members. The guides assist the research team to build relationships in respective communities and to gain a better understanding of resident concerns.

This research project in ongoing and expected to be completed in 2021.