(The Making Of)

But first, some background.

Late 2018, Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong set out to establish a new kind of architecture practice. This isn’t Williamson and Wong’s first endeavour in the field, far from it.

In 1997 they joined forces with a multidisciplinary group of young Perth-based creatives to form the Central Office of Design and Architecture (CODA). Over the ensuing 20 years, CODA evolved into an architecture practice that garnered a national reputation for practical and intellectually rigorous built-form design and planning under the leadership of the husband-and-wife duo.

Having built the practice to 25 people, Williamson and Wong merged CODA with international architecture firm COX in 2017.

Eighteen months, later Williamson and Wong are preparing to launch a new venture; TheFulcrum.Agency.

Stepping into the new enterprise, they are clear that there is the need for a new type of design practice, one that isn’t only concerned with the built outcomes, but one that can address the much broader issues and opportunities arising when a wider view is taken of the design of communities.

Understanding and analysing the real-world effects of interventions into communities will be at the heart of this new practice.

What is this, then?

Using the framework of the branding process, this site seeks to document the method by which TheFulcrum.Agency will come into existence and be defined. The Agency intends to be a living organism that will continue to transfigure throughout its lifespan to accommodate the changing environment in which it operates.

But for now, in the beginning, we find ourselves in the primordial ooze, looking to define the nascent business that is being willed into existence.

By making this process public, we are seeking to explore a new sort of enterprise by utilising the openness afforded us by democratised media channels. Transparency of process and the creation of content will be core to the DNA of TheFulcrum.Agency, so applying the same intent to the development of the business itself is logical to us. It is our intention to create this business with, not only for, those we will serve.

The starting point has passed.

TheFulcrum.Agency isn’t starting from nowhere. It does exist here and now – we have an office, a team, clients and projects, and we have since day one - December 1st, 2018…. The methodology by which the Agency will work isn’t entirely new either. Its genesis lies in how we have approached hundreds of projects over the last two decades.

What will be new, however, is how we define and expand upon those methods. One of the ambitions of the Agency is to mine the collective history of these precursors for insights which will illuminate and inform future projects and content.

So, TheFulcrum.Agency will draw heavily on the historic inputs to create something new and future-focussed.