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Paradise Journal Launch

18 Jun, 2021

Paradise Journal is an online and open-access publication for critical and experimental work on architecture in Australia. It is for the unexpected and the emerging, the established academic and the bright-eyed underdog. It is a product of dissatisfaction with the practice and discourse of architecture, being at once insular and uninterested in our spaces of violence, dispossession, exclusion—the carbon form of our world. Through presenting a multitude of research formats, Paradise makes equivalent the vast and varied forms of research in Australian architecture today. It is both completely serious and totally naive.

A few months ago we received an email from a band of enthusiastic students asking us to join the editorial advisory group for their new journal. With a profile like the above, how could we say no?

Issue o1 launches on the 18 June in Surry Hills. We can’t be there unfortunately, but we encourage anyone reading from Sydney to go along.

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