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Health Hardware Survey – Trial Begins!

4 May, 2020
8 May, 2020

Busy! That’s what we’ve been since the COVID-crisis hit.

Our practice has been working from home for several weeks now and working in this way has got us thinking about the challenges faced by remote communities in lockdown.

We’ve been working with our colleagues at Healthhabitat over the past couple of weeks to develop an online survey that will be used to assess maintenance issues within individual homes in Indigenous communities. Starting this week, the survey will be trialled in place of the usual ‘door-to-door’ approach, no longer possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The survey is intended as a quick ‘pulse check’ to determine critical issues during a crisis and is not designed to replace more detailed maintenance processes.

We believe that this project demonstrates the potential of collaboration and the agility of design thinking to problem solve - and that good things can emerge in downtime!

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