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Fremantle Biennale: UNIT

1 Nov, 2019
24 Nov, 2019

We were delighted to be invited to participate in this year’s Fremantle Biennale, a site-responsive art event encompassing our whole city.

UNIT will see thirteen practices design and deliver a stand-alone installation along Fremantle’s waterfront. Here’s a few words about our work, which we’re delivering in a new partnership with Dr Andrew Sunley-Smith:

“Our site is on Victoria Quay, close to the launch point for the Rottnest ferry. 

In our studio, we’ve been exploring the rich linkages between Walyalup (Fremantle) and Wadjemup (Rottnest), and the Indigenous stories that we’ve heard over years of living and working in this place. 

We’ve been deeply moved by the story of Noongar women lighting fires on and around Cantonment Hill to act as a beacon and signal a way home for prisoners fleeing the island.

We’ve looked at maritime motifs, in particular, the triangular shaped devices that cave divers clip on to lines to help them navigate black water to ensure they can find their way to safety.

The aim of our work is to manifest a more optimistic future.”

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