Perth College Boarding House Transformation

Case Study


Whajuk Nation

Images: Bo Wong

What did we do?

We re-imagined the Boarding House at Perth College into a more dynamic and contemporary environment for 100 girls in years 7 – 12. We wanted to create a ‘home away from home’ experience, providing flexible spaces and places for girls to just hang out.

What was our impact?

With girls from across the breadth of the state, we divided the spaces into three colour palettes inspired by the northern, centre and southern regional landscape. We used artworks from each of these regions to inform our selection and to express the diversity of the West Australian landscape

An open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room has been created to form the heart of the boarding house. Custom modular lounges and larger spaces for cooking and eating provide comfortable, homely places for girls to connect.

Connections were improved between the landscape and internal spaces – creating a welcoming environment for outdoor movies and parties. Large sliding doors open to a revitalised courtyard, featuring playful ground treatments, a sophisticated pergola, festoon lights and oversized planters.

The project was delivered without any increase to the overall footprint of the school!