MG/GT Administration Building

Case Study



What did we do?

We were engaged to design a community and administration facility in Kununurra to be shared by the Miriuwung Gajerrong Corporation and the Gelganyem Trust. The building was to be used by staff from both organisations and the community they serve.

What was our impact?

Our first step was to get to know the communities who would be using the building. We travelled regularly and consulted with community representatives and Elders, many of whom came in from the outback to meet with us. At every step along the way we made sure we had their approval before moving forward.

Functionally, we placed the offices upstairs and, on the ground floor, created a shaded space for people to gather socially or meet with staff in a more informal way. Finishes were chosen for their robust and less corporate qualities.

From the outside, the element with the most impact is the vertical green screen that wraps the building and provides a cohesiveness to the design. During the day the screen creates shaded, non-airconditioned spaces for people to work and gather, and at night the screen glows like a beacon across the town.

Our clients were very clear that they wanted a building that was welcoming to the community and open to the environment.