Freo 2029 Transformational Moves

Case Study



What did we do?

TF.A worked with the City of Fremantle to develop and synthesise Freo 2029 Transformational Moves, a public document that reveals the Council’s inspiring vision for the city. We worked with elected members and relevant officers to review, refine, augment and modify each transformational move and then present them in one document. Freo 2029 Transformational Moves

Our aim was to synthesise the competing demands of the urban realm, creating diagrams and images that could be easily read by all of the city’s stakeholders from residents to investors. Each ‘transformational move’ is focused on a different location or aspect of the city centre. Each then incorporates a number of major place-based projects that would underpin the city’s future.

What was our impact?

While there are many smaller projects that can progressively enhance the city, the ‘moves’ identified in FREO 2029 have the ability to transform Fremantle into the city its status deserves. The document augments the Activity Centre Structure Plan for Fremantle. It illustrates how the plan can be implemented via a number of catalytic actions which can impact on the city’s future.