Broome North

Case Study


Yawuru Nation

What did we do?

We were engaged to provide specialist design, consultation and analysis skills for the development of a 700ha site north of the Old Broome town site. Our approach was to conduct an extensive, on-ground study of the site and to engage broadly with local stakeholders, including members of the Yawuru community.

In the end, we delivered a series of housing typologies for the site, including a mix of single and grouped housing options, as well as built form and urban design guidelines.

What was our impact?

Through our research into Broome’s housing market, environmental conditions and site constraints, we proposed a series of urban design and housing principles that would enable the construction of climatically responsive housing.

Our concern was to ensure that future residents would be able to enjoy Broome’s unique environment without total reliance on air-conditioning. To this end, our guidelines encompassed details such as breezeways, recesses, openings, louvres, advice for limiting thermal mass and increasing insulation, and the integration of natural shading.

"We listened closely to representatives from the Yawaru community, who are the local Native Title holders, and embedded their knowledge and wisdom into our designs.

We were delighted when this project received the 2010 Australian Institute of Architects Award for Urban Design (WA), with the jury noting that this project has the potential to become ‘the prototype for future planning in Western Australia.’