BCC Mercy Campus

Case Study



What did we do?

In Joint Venture with Broderick Architects, we developed an educational brief, masterplan and architectural design for a new campus in Australind for Bunbury Catholic College.

Images: Peter Bennetts

The campus has been designed to embrace contemporary pedagogy through flexible, interactive learning spaces and to engage students with the natural environment.

Externally, the buildings are formal and singular using masonry as the primary material; internally, a series of streets have been created on which school life is played out.

The design is opportunistic in the way that space is imagined and configured creating unexpected spaces to pause and connect.

What was our impact?

Located on a greenfield site in a fledgling suburb, this new school demonstrates that it’s possible to build educational spaces with civic presence and provide intimate-scaled interiors that relate to students on a personal level.

The project reveals the positive impact of joyful and considered school design on the children and community that it serves.

"This is a project to which I will gladly return. It’s painstaking but not labored, rather the mature act of mid-career practitioners, restless innovators, architects in clear command of their own spatial and material project." - Simon Pendal, Architecture Australia