Basketball Court Advisory Note

What was the issue?

Basketball courts play an important role in communities. They can encourage social cohesion, promote health and well-being, and provide safe spaces for a range of activities, including community meetings and performances.

Sometimes basketball courts also have challenges. Sport and activities that use the courts might be funded through different programs, and without ongoing funding, certain programs may cease. There may be more than one basketball court in a community, like one at the school, and another in community. This can create additional maintenance costs for a community. It is not always clear who manages the courts, and this can sometime mean it is not clear who maintains them, and who has responsibility to keep them working.

Roofed Court, Barunga NT

What did we do?

To assist communities to manage this important piece of infrastructure we have put together an advisory note, which outlines the pros and cons of the various approaches to developing basketball courts in communities. It also provides some questions and considerations for community members if they are considering upgrading an existing court or building a new one.

This document is ‘open source’ and freely available for communities to use as they like.