Capabilities____Social Return on Design Investment (SRODI)

TheFulcrum.Agency has developed a kit of evidence-based tools to measure the financial value of a project’s social impact. SRODI is based on established Social Return on Investment methodologies and allows you to place a financial value on previously intangible outcomes of building projects. Our SRODI toolkit will allow you to understand the impact of your investment on the communities you serve.

SRODI can be used as a forecasting tool, before your project begins, helping you to make decisions about where to spend and how to best support your funding requests. SRODI can also be used as an evaluation tool, when your project is underway, nearing completion or already occupied. Here it will help you assess the actual impacts of your project, supporting the case for further investment to achieve important social changes.

In this short video, Nick Juniper, TF.A Principal and accredited social impact assessor, explains more using an example from our portfolio of projects.

SRODI Brochure  / Embedding Social Value in our Built Environment, an article by Nick Juniper and Emma Williamson